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Sikament® 4101 NS
Water Reducing Plasticizing Concrete admixture
Sikament® 4101 NS Imparts high workability and gives workability retention.



Sikament® 4101 NS a plasticizer for free flowing concrete in floor, slabs, foundations, slender components with dense reinforcement, walls, columns, pavements and other structural and non structural elements.

Specially recommended for the following types of concrete:

  •  Ready mix concrete
  •  Pre cast concrete
  •  Site batched concrete

Characteristics /Advantages
Sikament® 4101 NS produces a more uniformly cohesive high quality free flowing concrete. It has following advantages :

  •  Improved water reduction.
  •  Improved strength and density
  •  Improved consistence retention
  •  Improved durability
  •  Improved water tightness/ water proofed concrete
  •  Improved surface
  •  Improved cohesion properties
  •  Suitable for hot weather conditions


Technical Data

Chemical Base Modified Napthalene Formaldehyde Sulphonate

Relative Density ~1.17 kg/l at 25°C

pH Value ≥ 6finish

Consumption / Dosage

0.5% to 2.0% by weight of cement .Higher dosage may be used if agreed by engineer and consultant. Actual dosage to be finalised on the basis of site trials. Stir well before use.



Sikament 4101 NS

Type: Admixture
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