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Ascolite |  AAC Blocks, Plaster, Gypsum

The brand name Ascolite is marketed under Aswani Industries Pvt. Ltd. which is the brain child of the promoters of Ascon Group of Developers. The introduction of Ascolite in 2012 was a new direction by the group to vertically grow into building materials from construction.

The first step taken to promote Ascolite was by establishing the largest state of the art AAC blocks manufacturing facility with a capacity 4.25 lac m3 p.a. at Surat (Gujarat). The facility is located near the National Highway 8, facilitating easy connectivity to draw part material to Gujarat and Maharashtra. Ascolite is now a well-renowned brand that caters to solutions such as AAC Blocks, Block Jointing Mortar, Ready Mix Plaster, Gyplast, Wall Putty and more. Ascolite now comprises of a complete walling solution.


Taking into account the company’s history and past experience of construction, the promoters vertically integrated into manufacturing aerated autoclaved concrete blocks. This form of an extension to the operations of the business is highly beneficial due to various reasons such as:

Manufacturing Facility:

AIPL is an ISO 9001-2008 company and has its base manufacturing facility in Kadodara, Surat. With a state of the art manufacturing facility and a fully automatic plant with a capacity of over 400,000 cubic meters per annum spread across over 14 acres of land, AIPL manages to manufacture consistent and high-grade material with abundant raw material and finished goods storage facility.

Also, the facility is equipped with a state of the art laboratory with all necessary raw material and finished product testing infrastructure to maintain quality control. Necessary checkpoints are made even in the manufacturing process to check on quality and consistency of the work in progress material.

Aerated Autoclaved is a technology developed in the mid-1920s by the Swedes. The aerating is caused by a reaction of a mix of various materials mainly consisting of silica (through fly-ash), quicklime, cement and others. AAC Blocks/ Fly Ash Blocks consist of around 80% air, this aerated material is processed through autoclaving which entails high pressurised curing of aerated materials formed in cellular shapes, which are known as AAC elements.

These elements can be further classified into blocks, wall/floor/roof panels and lintels. The AAC Blocks/ Fly Ash Blocks are used as a substitute for the conventional building masonry and have been widely accepted globally because of their beneficial properties such as lightweight, thermal and sound insulation, mould resistance and other benefits which ease the process of construction. Not only that, but these precast building elements are environment-friendly as their processing hardly causes pollution and also boasts the consumption of fly ash which is waste material. AAC Blocks/ Fly Ash Blocks are being used throughout industrial, commercial and residential structures for different applications such as external and internal walls, roofs, other partitions and divisions.

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