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Bakul is a family owned business, started by the visionary Mr Yashwant Tirodkar & his son Mr Dilip Tirodkar, who saw the potential of the then under developed Navi Mumbai City and the huge demand for building materials in the 70's & 80’s. As of 2020, the principle focus is in the Distribution of Cement, Construction Chemicals & allied products. Bakul also has substantial Interests in the real estate rental business, predominantly commercial properties around Navi Mumbai. Since 2008 Bakul has minor interests in the field Bio Technology.

1983, Dilip Y Tirodkar in the Cement-Sheet Stockyard

1975 - 2000

Bakul Cement Company was started in 1975 in Turbhe, Navi Mumbai as a sole distributor of Cement.

Cement was under license back then, and growth potential was limited to the amount of quota issued by the government. This all changed in 1982 when the Sale of Cement was allowed without government controls or license.

Bakul was the exclusive and only distributor of  ACC (associated Cement Companies) and L&T Cement for over two decades in Navi Mumbai. Over the early years, cement being the sole focus, Bakul had simultaneous distribution rights of around eight Cement manufacturers.

In early 1990's it supplied over 5,00,000 MT of cement to Konkan Railway corporation. Till 1997, Bakul was the super distributor for exclusive distribution of L&T Cement in Raigad District.


1991, Bakul Cement Loaders Team


1996, Shri Dilip Tirodkar

Along with Cement, Bakul was also into distribution of Asbestos Cement Sheets having exclusive agency of Charminar Cement Sheets of Hyderabad Industries Ltd. Bakul employed three main sales channels, namely Retail Counter Sale, Direct Trade Sales and company Non Trade Sale. This catered to the client buying 1 bag of cement as well as the client buying 100,000 bags per month.

Bakul had three proprietorship / family partnership companies under its banner.

  1. Bakul Corporation

  2. Bakul Enterprises

  3. Ameya Enterprises

  4. Shree Agencies 


1997, Mrs Shubhangi and Mr Dilip Tirodkar

at the Bakul Cement Retail Counter

2001 - 2015

2001 onwards the cement industry underwent a major consolidation and change of business models. Prior to 2001, the average cement stock in the Bakul Main Turbhe Godown was approximately 15000 bags. With the remaining 3 retail counters put together, the average stock would cross 22,000 bags. Most trade sale would be through the retail counter, with stock being held at Bakul's various strategic stocking points. This changed after 2000, with the advent of better communication and logistics, the concept of direct delivery of 100 bags and more, from the rail yard to the client's site was introduced. This saved the unnecessary cost and hassle of having to stock the cement and the associated loading and unloading.  


1986, Shi Dilip Tirodkar at the construction site of Bakul's 2nd Store

This decade also saw a major consolidation and mergers of the Cement manufacturing companies. Grasim Industries Ltd and L&T Cement Ltd merged to form the Ultratech Cement Limited. Smaller brands like Narmada Cement & Indorama Cement were also acquired. The industry was left with handful of massive Cement companies, with intensely contested and conflicting spheres of influence. Thus the cement companies demanded exclusive distributors, which dealt with only one brand. After a lot of soul searching and weighing the pros and cons, in 2006 Bakul became an exclusive Distributor of Ultratech Cement. 

Having witnessed a colossal shift in the Cement Industry, Bakul decided to diversify it's business portfolio into areas where it could harness its existing strengths and client base. The obvious choice was the introduction of allied building products like Construction Chemicals and AAC Blocks, which was a new and untapped market. 

In 2009, Bakul re-launched its flagship retail store at Turbhe, with focus on allied products, along with Cement. This reopening was done by the then NMMC Commissioner of Police GB Pole.

In 2009 Bakul started the construction chemical distributorship with SIKA, a 100 year’s old, well known Swiss company with a range of quality products at reasonable rates. In 2011, Ultratech Cement started its Building Products division, have products like light weight AAC Blocks, Joint mortar, Grouts, Tile adhesive etc, in sync with its core competency. In 2015, Bakul was granted the Distributorship for Navi Mumbai of BASF Construction Chemicals, the 150 year Chemical giant. 


2009, opening of the rebranded Bakul Flagship Store at Turbhe.

with (clockwise) Navi Mumbai Commisioner of Police GB Pole,

R Suresh, Ultratech Vice President & Head Mumbai Region

Dilip Y Tirodkar, Shubhangi Tirodkar & Amod Tirodkar

The change in the business model of stocking Cement, freed up substantial real estate owned by Bakul for many years. In early 2000's, the real estate market in Navi Mumbai had appreciated exponentially. The properties held by Bakul, although used as stocking points since the 1980's and early 1990's, were now in the heart of the newly developed  nodes of Navi Mumbai. Bakul re-modified and redeveloped these properties into commercial spaces for showrooms and restaurants. Thus the real estate rental arm of Bakul was born, which as of 2020 is one of the most profitable division of Bakul.   

In 2013, the building products division of Bakul was consolidated into a single entity called Bakul Building Solutions LLP.

2015 to present

This period marks the rapid modernisation of business processes and way of thinking. Bakul made substantial investments in technology, to transform itself to meet the standards of the new digital world. We have employed a completely automated CRM system, with integration of SMS & email and an uplink to our ERP & Accounting system.

in 2016, Bakul redeveloped its old office building into a new 5 storied, 6500 sqft Retail store cum Showroom and Office space.

The focus of the Building Products Division is now towards the allied products like construction chemical & Dry Products.   


These products cater to general repair such as terrace leakage, wall leakage, flooring seepage, repair & restoration etc as well as the complex requirement like underwater concrete placement or high early strength concrete. We not only provide the chemicals but also the technical know-how if needed. Thus with an impressive product basket which includes Cement, RMC, Sand, White cement, Waterproofing Chemicals, Admixtures, Adhesives, Curing Compounds and other allied products we hope to encompass all your building material requirements.

List of Group Companies

  • Bakul Building Solutions LLP, building products distribution

  • Bakul Rentals, re-construction and rental of properties

  • Westpoint Projects LLP, Software & Info System - Design, Build & Implementation. (

  • Westpoint Ventures Pvt Ltd, Consultancy Services.

  • VAL Projects LLP, highend Consultancy & Liaison services (

  • Proscape Projects, Sale of housing Plots in Sindhudurg 

List of Directors

Dilip Y Tirodkar

The founding visionary of Bakul, Mr Dilip Tirodkar is an engineer from VJTI, Mumbai. Coming from humble backgrounds, he worked for 5 years in Africa. Having saved necessary seed capital to start the business, Dilip Tirodkar returned to India and started the first Cement Distribution Agency in Navi Mumbai. Has has been the driving force, which transformed Bakul to what it is today. With 40+ years in the cement industry, he is considered as one of the major contributors to the Cement story, especially in Navi Mumbai.

Currently, as chairman of Bakul, he oversees the finances and strategic investments.

Shubhangi D Tirodkar

Shubhangi Tirodkar is a London returned, former Air India International Air hostess and an equal partner with her husband Dilip, in the Bakul success story. For 25 years, she managed the day to day operations of the cement business. As the business was stable and secure and with the new generation joining the business, Shubhangi was ready for a new role. The role of giving back to the society what it gave her. The knowledge she had gathered in her journey was valuable and she wanted to share it for the benefit of others. She made a modest start in Navi Mumbai where she had settled and gave moral support to help working class woman to think beyond their capacity. To raise their confidence, to bring out the talent hidden in them, to make them self-dependent.

The turning point came when Mrs. Tirodkar became a member of the Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture and Maharashtra Economic Development Council. She also started a branch of Amhi Udyogini started by Mrs. Minal Mohadikar. Now having a wider canvass, Mrs. Tirodkar set to paint them and fill colours of joy in the life of other women. Having worked as an ordinary member and then on the governing council and finally on the seat of the Vice President of the Chamber, we can aptly claim that Mrs. Tirodkar has touched the lives of thousands of woman, being the force behind them, transforming them from domesticated women to entrepreneurs and empowered women.

Shubhangi is the Vice President of Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture. Active council member of Amhi Udyogini and is on various committees of CIDCO and NMMC, as an expert in the social field.


Vice President


Council Member

Amod Tirodkar

Amod is an Engineer from Mumbai University with a MBA (MBIT) from University of Melbourne, Australia. Amod returned to India in 2008, to seize the opportunities offered by the fast-growing Indian market. He was instrumental in redevelopment of the buildings for the rental division. In 2018, Amod started Westpoint Projects LLP, which is focused on Software & Web applications, along with Business Analytics. In 2022, Amod started VAL Projects LLP, in collaboration with RNP Group, to offer high end consultancy & liaison services.  

Currently Amod, as the Managing Partner of the Bakul group, overseas the daily operations and the plays an active role in the strategy and direction of the group companies.

Leena Tirodkar

Leena is an Engineer for Mumbai University and MBA Banking & Finance from NMIMS, Mumbai. She oversees the banking and finance of the group.

She is a partner in Proscape Projects, which deals with sale of residential land for individual buyers in Sindhudurg.

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