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Terms & Conditions

  • Additional Surcharge maybe applicable for online payment processing on certain transactions. Please contact Bakul office for clarification before processing payment. 

  • The payment is processed via 3rd party Gateways.

  • Bakul does not have access to any of the confidential details entered by the user in the 3rd party Gateways. The only details shared by the 3rd Party Gateway are (Payment Amount*, Remitter Name*, Email*, Mobile*, Comment, Bakul Customer ID and Doc ID 

  • After successful payment process, Bakul gets a email from the Gateway, regarding the transaction. In the unlikely event of the transaction failing midway but the payment is debited from the users account, the user would have to contact the Gateway for the refund. Bakul shall extend the full support and cooperation to the user to get the refund processed.

  • Bakul has taken utmost care and selected only the most reputed gateways for the online payment.

  • Bakul does not accept any liability regarding the actions of the 3rd Party Gateways. Any disputes shall be resolved mutually between the users and the 3rd party Gateway.

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