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SikaRep® Microcrete-4 is factory designed pourable, non shrink, repair concrete with selected cement, aggregate and other chemicals. Recommended water and coarse aggregate to be added at site as per requirement

Standards ASTM C1107

Bulk Density 1.2 kg/l (of fresh mortar)

Compressive Strength

Ambient temperature: +30°C (According to ASTM C 109 , 70mm Cube)

1 day               3 days          7 days           28 days

~25 N/mm2  ~35 N/mm2   ~45 N/mm2  ~65 N/mm2

Flexural Strength

Ambient temperature: +30°C (According to ASTM C 293-79)

7 days               28 days

~7 N/mm2       ~8 N/mm2


~2200 kg / m3 At water: powder ratio 0.14


Water: Powder = 0.14 to 0.16 by weight (4.2 l to 4.8 l water per 30 kg bag) dependent on the desired flow.



Sika Micro Concrete 4

Type: Micro Concrete
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